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Analytical instruments » Handheld XRF Analysers » TRACER 5i handheld XRF spectrometer

TRACER 5i handheld XRF spectrometer

Bruker introduces the Next Generation TRACER handheld XRF spectrometer ideal for methods development, research and complex materials.

The new TRACER 5i is reconfigured to be more powerful, flexible and fully field interactive, while retaining the unique features and comprehensive analytical software that the TRACER is recognised for.

Bruker’s new TRACER 5i synchronizes power, function, precision and accuracy to provide dynamic, field capable elemental analysis from everyday point-and-shoot testing to the ever-changing challenges and complexities of advanced applications and research.

The new TRACER 5i retains the trademark ability to use an air, vacuum or helium beam path and to interactively control power, filters, collimators and atmosphere, along with comprehensive data analysis capabilities to provide the ultimate in on-site interaction for faster analysis at lower LODs— especially for light elements like sodium. 

The new analytical software preserves the TRACER’s comprehensive analytical software features for complex materials, but has a more streamlined workflow and additionally incorporates EasyCal software to provide simple correlation fits for standard materials.

Benefits and features:

In-Situ Untethered and Interactive

  • Integrated display embedded operating and analytical software
  • Relaxed Hand Grip™ strap for comfort and security
  • EasyAccess™ Rail for on-the-go accessories
  • Control, save and send with USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

High Performance

  • SharpBeam™ geometry for minimized distance between sample and detector
  • Pressure and temperature monitoring and compensation
  • Automated filter wheel and manual filter slot
  • Air, helium or vacuum capable
  • Most sensitive handheld XRF spectrometer available

Fast, accurate spot positioning

  • Internal camera with adjustable LED for full view
  • Target area and reticle positioning for precision
  • Remote view projection for challenging objects
  • Confidence in analytical results

PC SW for advanced data analysis and methods development 

  • Streamlined live integration with Artax™ PC SW 
  • User created calibrations with EasyCal™ PC SW 


Specialist calibrations

The Tracer can be equipped with calibrations that allow you to measure metals (including precious metals), ore and mineral samples, and many other types of sample. Available calibrations are as diverse as the list of applications, but if you have a desired application which is not offered as an existing calibration, IMP is able to customise a calibration to perfectly suit your requirements.


Instrument rental options

If purchasing a Tracer is not practical for your application, IMP also offers instrument rentals at competitive rates. This includes full training on how to operate the instrument safely and effectively to maximise your results. Contact us today to discuss your rental requirements.


Repairs and maintenance

IMP offers repairs and maintenance on the Tracer as well as other Bruker handheld XRF instruments. Regular maintenance is recommended to keep your instrument performing at its ‘peak’. If the worst should happen, IMP is able to diagnose and repair your instrument, with the option of providing a rental unit to keep you at full availability.



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