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Analytical instruments » Near Infrared (NIR) Airslide Analyser

Near Infrared (NIR) Airslide Analyser

This NIR Airslide Analyser delivers real-time online analysis of raw materials processed inside an airslide.


As this is one of the only methods based on reflectance, it is one of the only analysers able to measure powders in an airslide. It is mainly used in the cement industry after the mill.


The system consists of two major hardware components:

  • The illumination head including the spectrometer
  • The control unit containing the industrial PC, heating and cooling system, and the power supply.


The complete NIR spectrum, which is needed to perform the online chemical analysis, is supplied by a set of light sources. These lights emit the NIR radiation, which is used for the analysis. The infrared light reflected by the moving bulk material gets collected by a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrometer in the center of the illumination system.


The FTIR spectrometer is used to generate the absorbance spectra output because it defines each single spectrum in one step. This also means it is extremely stable and calibration models can be easily transferred from one spectrometer to the other in case of spectrometer maintenance. The FTIR spectrometer can utilise much more of the reflected NIR radiation than a standard dispersive NIR spectrometer, and is also more mechanically robust. 


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