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Auto Wet Chem » Automated Sample Preparation and Analysis of Fertilizers

Automated Sample Preparation and Analysis of Fertilizers


Manual wet chemistry methods for the analysis of fertilizer samples are normally very tedious and labour-intensive. IMP has successfully developed a turnkey solution to this problem, releasing its automated wet chemistry fertilizer analysis system. The system allows multi-species determination (about 10 different species) and also carries out the complete sample preparation procedure including sampling and sample preparation of liquid, suspension and solid samples, dispensing of reagents, mixing, hotplate digestion and diluting to volume (weight). Other outstanding features of the system include inspection of instrument calibration by control measurements, automatic system restart after power failure and even closed-loop labware utilization with build-in washing station.


The system utilizes an ion chromatography twin system, each with a separate 861 advanced compact Metrohm ion chromatograph for the analysis of anions and cations in order to ensure as good a protection against breakdown as possible.


In addition to the Metrohm ion chromatographs, a titrator is also incorporated into the wetchem system. In this way, the system described above can be used to determine the following species and parameters:

K2O, P2O5, total nitrogen content, nitrogen as ammonium (NH4+), nitrogen as nitrate (NO3-), CaO, MgO, Sr, Sulfate (SO42-), Chloride (all these substances by ion chromatography); pH (using a pH electrode), free acid (titration with NaOH solution and a pH electrode) as well as B, Al, Fe, Cu, Zn, Cr, Ni, Cd, Mn (manual determination using an ICP-AES).

The automated fertilizer analysis wet chemistry system includes ROBIN a central supervisory system which allows for integrated quality control, fault tolerant error recovery, transaction logging, remote web supervision and transmitting results to a database where data can be validated and released for reporting by a LIMS system.   


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