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Auto Wet Chem » Solvent Extraction Pilot Plant Circuits

Solvent Extraction Pilot Plant Circuits

IMP is able to offer a range of designs for solvent extraction pilot plant circuits.


Your pilot plant can be custom designed to your needs but will still incorporate a degree of flexibility that will enable you to modify your pilot circuit and optimize its operation in response to operating results. The flexibility also allows changes to be made and incorporated into the test flowsheet at lower cost and more quickly than is possible if entire circuits must be replaced.


IMP can furnish design drawings for your pilot plant or it can manufacture and ship you the pilot plant, ready to assemble at the operating site you have chosen.


Depending on your specific requirements, a pilot plant circuit can include:

  • Supporting frame structure
  • Cells (mixer-settlers)
  • Assembly support (either through written instructions or hands-on site visits)
  • Ancillary equipment up- and down-stream of the SX circuit, for example, coalescers, leach tanks, filters and electrowinning cells among others


In addition, IMP can supply or specify for you to purchase, the following items that your pilot plant may require:

  • Piping
  • Pumping, feed and recycle
  • Heating, feed preheating and cell or circuit heating, heaters, controllers and operating strategy
  • pH control, monitors and/or controllers, pH modifier reservoir and delivery systems, and operating strategy
  • ORP control, monitors and/or controllers, ORP modifier reservoir and delivery systems and operating strategy


Contact IMP today to discuss how we can help you with your solvent extraction circuit.



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