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Cement Industry » Fusion » HAG HFHAG HF Fully Automatic Fusion Machine

HAG HF Fully Automatic Fusion Machine


The HAG-HF is a fully automated standalone machine used for the production of fused beads for XRF analysis.


All components of the machine are neatly accommodated in a single unit, and the integrated robot arm silently and reliably takes care of all transport routines. The HAG-HF can be used as a stand-alone machine or flexibly integrated with other systems as part of a larger automated laboratory.


For different types of sample material, different preparation and cleaning programs can be defined. Furthermore, various groups of sample material can be assigned to specific sets of crucibles and casting dishes to avoid contamination and reduce the sample processing times.




A high precision balance is used for dosing of sample material and XRF flux. Different dosing programs can be defined to control the weighing procedure for various sample types. Solutions of a wetting agent such as lithium bromide can be added using a high precision peristaltic pump. An optional second dosing unit can be added for additional capability.




The HAG-HF uses modern high frequency generators for stepless induction heating from 385°C to 1300°C. The temperature is continuously monitored using infrared pyrometers which allows for very reliable temperature control for the whole process. Crucibles are heated automatically according to the predefined sample program. They are rocked in an elliptical motion to ensure a homogenous and bubble-free melt. The molten material is then poured into a preheated casting dish.


The melt is cooled with the optional assistance of an air jet for a pre-set length of time. A suction gripper automatically transports only the intact beads to the output chute or transport system. An optional second fusion unit can be added to boost the rate of sample processing and to ensure failsafe operation.




After the fusion process, the crucibles and casting dishes can be cleaned in the optional heated ultrasonic bath. The cleaning fluid in the bath is renewed at set intervals. The cleaned crucibles and casting dishes are rinsed with distilled water and dried with hot air. They are then weighed to ensure perfect cleanliness (optional).




  • Second fusion unit
  • Second dosing device
  • Ultrasonic cleaning unit
  • Crucible and casting dish magazine
  • Balance for prepared fused beads
  • Temperature monitoring for casting dishes
  • Linear magazine for 36 fused beads




HAG HF Fully Automatic Fusion Machine


HAG HF Fully Automatic Fusion Machine


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