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Coal Industry » Dry Bulk Sampling » Mine Integrated Systems

Mine Integrated Systems

As with the mine integrated systems described, the mine port laboratories also requires fast turnaround times of analytical data and information on physical properties of the ore being processed. While tremendous progress has been made with online analysis, sample stations and onsite laboratories still provide the benchmark analysis. IMP has risen to the challenge by integrating the sampling stations with robotic automated laboratories.


Using iron ore as an example, IMP has provided the entire sample station mine integrated systems to a robotic cell to determine particle size and moisture content of the sample as well as a robotic cell to determine the chemical analysis and density of the ore being processed.


Additionally samples are also prepared for manual jigging tests and other physical tests.  


As the entire process is fully automated, accurate results are transmitted to the plant control system instantly allowing better control of the process.


The entire process complies with the guidelines of ISO3082.


In a different example, the mine site has several sampling stations with mine integrated systems. One is for lump ore, one is for fines and one is at the train load out station. IMP has designed a mine integrated system to include automated transport of the samples from the sample station to the automated robotic laboratory using IMP’s monorail systems.


The monorail system can transport up to 80kg of sample to the automated robotic laboratory. The entire process including sampling, sample transport, moisture determination, size analysis and chemical analysis is fully automated.


The process is similar to the port facilities described previously. Primary samples are split, composited and accumulated in the sample station.


Aliquots of typically 40kg are transported via the monorail to the automated robotic laboratory. In the laboratory the aliquots are composited and split to produce sub lots.


Chemical analysis as well as particle size and moisture analysis is all carried out automatically with data transmitted via IMP’s Control Track Lims software to the plant control system.


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