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Coal Industry » Sample Preparation » Low temperature drying » RCD200 Large tray dryer

RCD200 Large tray dryer

Certain sample types such as coal are susceptible to damage if dried at higher temperatures. IMP provides the RCD200 tray dryer as a solution to this issue.


Large masses of wet coal samples are often required to be dried, and traditionally sunshine, ventilated rooms or basic oven drying methods have been used in the past to dry these samples. The RCD200 utilizes perforated plates and forced air circulation to dramatically reduce the drying time for coal samples.


This method of sample drying is more than 10x quicker than traditional low temperature oven drying. Samples with more than 10% moisture can often be reduced at more than 5% per hour. It takes about one hour to finish most coal samples.


The dryer is designed to accommodate 3 large trays simultaneously, with the unit being able to hold up to 25 kilograms in total. Each of these trays is a separate unit, which allows for independent operation and therefore maximum flexibility when it comes to sample drying. A sample trolley allows for safe and ergonomic handling of the sample trays by a single operator.


A digital interface allows for easy adjustment of the drying temperature, with automatic control of the temperature setpoint and fan speed by the machine itself. A balance and network connection are optional extras, and they allow for automatic free moisture calculations and export of the results to IMP’s ControlTrack LIMS.



Dimensions: 740 x 954 x 1295 mm

Maximum power: 7 kW

Temperature range: Ambient - 60 °C

Temperature accuracy: 2.5 °C


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