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Drying » Drum dryer for sample towers

Drum dryer for sample towers

IMP developed this novel approach to drying sticky samples directly in the sample tower itself. The all in one solution has a very small footprint, and can be easily retrofitted into existing sample towers.

It features a rotating sample drum which pivots to 5 different positions to perform different functions. Samples are loaded into the drum while it is in the vertical position. Once loading is complete, then it pivots to the drying position. 

Samples are dried using a powerful infrared lamp head which rapidly drives off the sample moisture. During drying, the drum is rotated continuously to tumble the sample and expose fresh surface area for drying. A scraper mounted in the drum ensures that the sample does not stick to the sides during drying.

After a pre-set duration, the drum pivots to the unloading position and tips the sample out into the discharge funnel. It is possible to have the dry sample fall straight into a 3D camera particle sizing machine for instant particle size analysis before it even reaches the laboratory which is a huge time-saver.

Once the samples have been discharged, the drum pivots to the rinse position where a water spray is used for cleaning. The drum then pivots again to the final rinse position where the drum is sprayed again and the excess water is discharged. A final turn to the drying position gets rid of all the remaining moisture, and the dryer is then ready for action again.

The rapid drying and small footprint makes this dryer a great addition to any new or existing sample tower. The scraper ensures that sticky samples are not a problem, and the rugged design means that it will have a long working life.

Contact IMP today if this is something you would like to consider integrating into your process.


Drum dryer for sample towers

Drum dryer for sample towers.pdf

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