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Drying » Infrared dryers » Infrared tray dryers » RD20 Infrared Tray Dryer

RD20 Infrared Tray Dryer

This innovative RD20 Infrared Tray Dryer is suitable for samples of up to 8 kg in mass.


The unit consists of an insulated cabinet, a temperature controlled IR heating head, and a hot plate which enables heating from underneath the sample. The machine continually measures the surface temperature of the sample which ensures that it is precisely heated to the pre-set temperature and accurately maintained there.


The RD20 features an internal load cell which enables the user to continually monitor the moisture loss as the sample is drying. It has a pneumatic lifting door and a pneumatic lifting sample tray which results in more accurate weight measurements. It complies fully with the ISO method for iron ore moisture determination, and is much faster than convection drying methods.


The RD20 can be operated in two modes which includes a set time mode and an auto stop mode. In set time mode the user may specify a desired drying time between 1 and 300 minutes. In auto stop mode, the RD20 is intelligently able to determine when a sample is dry by comparing the current mass measurement to the previous. This is achieved by specifying the minimum weight change, number of “no change” readings, and the re-weighing period, all of which are defined by the user.


An option is available to purge nitrogen or any other inert gas through the chamber while in operation to help prevent the uptake of moisture in hygroscopic samples, or to prevent samples from spontaneously combusting in an oxidising environment. 


These parameters along with the drying results are displayed on the RD20's inbuilt touch screen panel. Alternatively the RD20 can be connected to a standalone PC or LIMS which records all of the results from the dryer.


A version for use in robot circles is also available, with the touch screen panel and electrics housed in a separate electrical cabinet which is mounted outside of the robot enclosure.




RD20 Infrared Tray Dryer

RD20 Data Sheet .pdf

RD20 Infrared Tray Dryer

RD20 Infrared Tray Dryer.pdf

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