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Dense Phase Extraction


IMP has plenty of experience when it comes to delivering dense phase waste extraction systems, often as part of a larger automated laboratory for the mining sector. In general, dense phase systems typically utilise low gas velocities and high pressures to transport the waste product which often is comprised of larger particles.


This equates to a higher solid to gas ratio, so with less gas being required, the lower the power requirements are to move the material. Material enters the system and forms into slugs due to the pressure differential. These slugs then pulse through the conveying line which is how the material transported.


The lower velocity results in less abrasion and risk of blockage, but makes dense phase conveying more suited to shorter distances than lean phase systems. These limitations include conveying distances in excess of around 3.5m vertically and more than 30m horizontally. Additionally, conveying materials which are cohesive, hygroscopic, or so coarse that they will not readily form slugs are not suitable for dense phase conveying.


Benefits of dense phase extraction

  • Gentle material handling
  • Minimal component wear
  • Decreased dusting
  • Flexible routing


Often the dense phase waste extraction is connected to the dust extraction system further down the line to dispose of all the waste together. Click for more information on either dust control or waste disposal solutions that IMP can offer.



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