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Fire Assay » Prillmate Automated Prill Dissolution System

Prillmate Automated Prill Dissolution System

Prillmate is a hands-free automated prill dissolution system that fully automates the dispensing of reagents (HNO3 and HCl) into a maximum of 96 test tubes containing pre-loaded Ag or Pd prills obtained from cupellation of fire assay Pb buttons. Prillmate further automates the heating and cooling of the sample solutions, diluting the solutions to a final volume as well as shaking the samples to ensure that an accurate and homogeneous solution is produced for AAS or ICP analysis.

Features and Benefits:

Cost Effective

The Prillmate has a standby (warm) feature which allows for a new batch to be heated rapidly. Additionally, overnight digestions can be run so samples are ready for analysis at the beginning of each day. Automatic operations allows lab technicians to concentrate on other valuable work. The Prillmate system also comes with a long life span due to its corrosive resistant design. 

Sample Throughput

The system typically completely digests, cools, dilutes and agitates a full batch of 96 samples in less than 70 minutes. This rapid turnaround time per batch reduces time constraint pressures in analytical laboratories. 


The system significantly increases laboratory safety by reducing the manual handling of acids. Prillmate will dispense acid and bring the samples to volume. This leads to fewer spills and fewer mishaps. The system can also be safely operated on a bench top with optional fume hood, freeing up valuable hood space.


The Prillmate block allows samples to be evenly heated on the sides as well as the bottom of the vials. It holds a steady controlled temperature throughout the digestion block to ensure all samples are digested equally. 


The software is specifically designed to be user and auditor friendly. It is simple to navigate and the digestion methods are made from easy to understand commands. The methods are completely customizable to suit any prill dissolution procedure. The report functions of the software keep records of exactly what is done to each sample. A log can be generated for print or exported for tracking purposes. For audits, the software keeps detailed calibration information which can also be printed or exported. 


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