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IMP Automation joins FLSmidth



Assmang South Africa


Scope of supply: Automated sample preparation, production of pressed pellets for XRF analysis automated density measurement, and preparation of aliquots for wet chemical analysis.


This world class laboratory was designed and supplied by IMP to Assmang in the Northern Cape South Africa. The laboratory services the plant and mine with accurate and precise sample analysis.


All process including sample drying, crushing, milling and analysis are fully automated. Samples are registered using a RFID reader and manually placed into the system via the locked input device or the manual input belt. From this point onward the sample is processed and analyzed without the need for manual intervention as the process is fully automated.


The samples that are registered via the locked input device are weighed and then pass beneath the moisture reader. The reader determines the moisture content and moves the sample to the drying oven, where the sample is dried for approximately 2 hours.

The sample is then moved to the HP-WCSA crusher splitter. The sample is crushed to 3mm and split to maintain 1kg available for the large mill (HP-M1500). The remainder of the sample is conveyed to waste and returned to the plant.


The 1kg sample is milled with an HP-M1500 swing mill which mills the sample to <150 microns. After milling, the sample is transported via transport belts from the first robot circle to the second circle where a sample divider is used to split the sample into 2 x 100g portions.


An accurate 20g is weighed from the first portion, then moves to a HP-M for fine milling and milled to <40 micron, after which the sample moves to the HP-P Press and pressed into a pellet. The pressed pellet is transported with a linear transport to the XRF for analysis. The remainder of the portion is sent for chemical analysis and archiving.


The second alequot is sent to the Pycnometer for determination of the sample density.


The samples that are prepared with the automated system are:

  • Pressed pellets for XRF Analysis.
  • Milled sample for Density determination
  • Milled Sample for Wet Chemical Analysis and Archiving



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