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Intertek Genalysis Australia


Scope of supply: 3 robotics systems, one sample preparation cell which includes 2 automated crushers, 6 mills to pulverize the samples. One sample prep cell that includes 6 pulverizers that is capable of preparing 1800 iron ore samples per day and one robotic fusion and LOI system. Also supplied is an automated milling and pressing circuit for pressed powder XRF analysis.


The system works fully automatically with up to 200 samples in vials being loaded in 100 position trays into a sample input magazine. The rest of the process is fully automatic.


The system incorporates automatic weighing of aliquot for fusion, adding the flux, mixing the sample, adding a release agent if required, fusing the sample and presenting the sample to the XRF for analysis. The crucibles and casting dishes are automatically cleaned in heated ultrasonic baths with citric acid after which they are rinsed in water followed by a demin water wash before being dried in hot air and presented back to the fusion machine.


The weighing station also weighs out an aliquot for LOI analysis into TGA crucibles. The system automatically sends these crucibles into four TGA's each operating at a different temperature in order to meet the stringent iron ore requirements.


The entire process is fully automated requiring minimal operator intervention other than sample registration.


Using this fully integrated high-technology equipment drastically improves precision and accuracy and is set to place Intertek in the forefront of the XRF analysis in Perth. 



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