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Platinum Crucibles, Casting Dishes and Tongs


IMP can supply an extensive range of platinum or platinum alloy labware. This includes crucibles, tongs, casting dishes and moulds to suit any fusion equipment. Our optional zirconia stabilised platinum ware is a superior choice to conventional platinum alloys.


We offer a cleaning and refurbishment service to restore your labware to top condition for a fraction of the price of new labware. Reshaping tools are also on offer to extend the time between refurbishment or replacement.


IMP Zirconia stabilised platinum ware


Traditional platinum ware consisting of platinum alloyed with gold or rhodium has been used in XRF fusion techniques for years. With the advent of high throughput, fully automated fusion machines, these conventional alloys have been found to be inadequate.


The introduction of zirconia (ZrO2) stabilized Pt 95% Au 5% platinum ware has allowed it to meet the demands of these high throughput automated applications.


Introducing finely dispersed grains of ZrO2 on the grain boundaries dramatically reduces grain growth and creep in the alloy. This equates to no structural changes during recrystallization.


The ZrO2 stabilised platinum ware results in:

  • Dramatic increase in chemical resistance
  • Improved mechanical strength at temperature
  • Two fold increase in tensile and yield strength
  • Significant increase in creep resistance
  • 20% increase in maximum working temperature range
  • Significant reduction in tendency to warp or deform
  • More than a 3X longer working life


All of this equates to significant savings with regard to expenditure on platinum ware over the lifetime of a laboratory. IMP is able to supply a full range of zirconia stabilised platinum ware for any sort of analytical requirement. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific platinum needs.


Click here for more detailed information on our zirconia stabilised platinum ware.


Platinum Crucibles, Casting Dishes and Tongs

Platinum Crucibles, Casting Dishes and Tongs.pdf

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