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Non Ferrous » Granular and powders » Milling Pulverizing » HP BTM Combo Crusher Mill

HP BTM Combo Crusher Mill

The HP BTM combination machine consists of a crusher, splitter and pulveriser all in one. The machine has been designed with maximum operator safety and ergonomics in mind. The operator is not required to bend, lift product or climb stairs to operate the system.


The crusher can accept up to 15 kg samples with a maximum particle size of 50 mm. The output from the crusher can be adjusted to produce a product of -3 mm, and it is possible with some ores to achieve - 2 mm.


Samples are loaded manually, then the flap closes and the cycle starts. The sample is weighed internally in the machine to obtain the sample mass required for the splitter. The sample is then transported up the lift and entered into the crusher.


The crusher reduces the sample to the desired output particle size. A flow sensor determines when the crushing cycle is complete. On completion of the crushing cycle the crusher is cleaned, ready for the next sample. The product from the crusher can be made available to the operator if required. This position is also where previously crushed samples can be added into the system for pulverising should this option be needed. In essence the pulveriser and crusher can operate independently of each other for maximum flexibility.


The product from the crusher is conveyed automatically to a linear splitter that splits out a portion for pulverising and a waste portion. The integrated linear splitter can be set to produce an accurate split from 300 g up to 1.2 kg as required. The maximum mass is dependent on product density. The waste portion can be collected in a calico or plastic bag or alternatively a transfer pipe can be moved into the discharge position which will allow the product to fall through into a waste removal system.


Should the crushed portion require milling, it is automatically transferred from the splitter to the pulveriser. The pulveriser first weighs the sample to confirm that the splitter operated correctly, and if the mass is not within the expected range then the operator is alerted to this fact. If the mass falls within the expected range, the sample is pulverised according to the parameters set and then presented to the operator on the conveyor belt at an ergonomic height.


Multiple samples can be accumulated on the belts to minimise the amount of operator interaction required.


Technical Specifications

Sample size: <50 mm

Sample mass: <15 kg

Achievable crushed grain size: Nominally -3 mm

Achievable milled grain size: Nominally -75 µm

Splitting ratio: Variable

Dimensions: 2410 x 2000 x 2160 mm

Weight: ≈2970 kg

Power requirements: 400 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz

Power consumption: ≈15 kVA

Compressed air requirements: 5 bar – 10 bar

Compressed air consumption: 1500 L/sample



HP BTM Combo Crusher Mill


HP BTM Combo Crusher Mill

HP BTM Combo Crusher Mill.pdf

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