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Non Ferrous QC Automation

The key part of the automation is the HN-FF milling machine which is specially designed for preparation of non-ferrous samples. Due to two separate spindles for coarse and fine milling the HN-FF achieves highest possible surface quality for the subsequent OES analysis. As an option, the saw tool can be used for sample cutting (HN-SF) to further improve analytical precision and reproducibility. 

Due to the small-footprint design, the HN-FF is perfectly suited to fit into small shipping containers. The milling chamber can be set-up for residue-free chip removal to allow milling of highly flammable material such as magnesium.

The modular automation concept makes it very easy to include various customized components, such as OES analysers of different OEMs, sample registration terminals, input magazines (spiral, chain, turn table), magazines for recalibration and production samples, and sample labelling systems.

The PrepMaster software controls and tracks all automation processes, integrates the analyser and establishes the connection to IMP’s ControlTrack LIMS. The Prepmaster also administrates the recalibration samples and guarantees the optimum utilization of these valuable samples. The basic PrepMaster version includes customizing to specific requirements such as sample identification, configurability of all interfaces, remote and web access. 

This automation is the compact and cost-effective solution for preparation and analysis of non-ferrous samples. With this concept, we offer maximum flexibility and future viability for realization of your projects.



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