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Particle Size Measurement » Cyclosizer M16

Cyclosizer M16

The Cyclosizer is a precision piece of laboratory equipment for the rapid and accurate determination of the particle size distribution in the sub-sieve range. It was developed for the mining industry, and a useful feature is that individual size fractions are retained and can be easily analysed if required.


The operation of the Cyclosizer is very user friendly, with minimal operator skill required. The Cyclosizer has applications in many process industries associated with finely sized materials (e.g. ore, coal, and ceramic processing).


Separation is typically calibrated for approximately 40, 30, 20, 15, and 11 microns. Particles are separated according to their Stokes equivalent diameter and in this sense differ from mesh screen sizes for example, which rely on whether or not a grain will pass through a square aperture.


The Cyclosizer consists of 5 cyclones, with the outlet of the first cyclone being the inlet for the next cyclone in line. The separated particles from each cyclone are captured so that individual size fractions can be quantified. The coarsest fraction is collected in the first cyclone and the finest fraction in the fifth cyclone.


Due to the fact that the Cyclosizer uses the Stokes equivalent diameter, the fractions produced are specific gravity dependent. It is convention to express the sizings relative to the specific gravity of quartz (quartz equivalents).


The machine life of the Cyclosizer depends on usage and the environment but it is not unusual for the working life to exceed 25 years.



Dimensions (L x W x H): 1630 x 500 x 1860 mm

Weight: ~390 kg

Water requirements: 9-14 L/min

Power requirements: 220 V, 1 Phase, 50 Hz




Cyclosizer M16

Cyclosizer brochure.pdf

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