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Essa Test Sieves

Precision, high quality test sieves designed for accurate and efficient particle size analysis

What to look for in a precision test sieve 
Sieves can often look alike, but take a closer look and you’ll find that they are not all the same. In fact there can be some very important differences that may affect the results, performance or life of the sieve. 

Here are some the key features you will find in the Essa test sieve: 

  • Rigid anti-corrosive stainless steel frames nest consistently and firmly 
  • Apertures sized and checked in accordance with international standard ISO 3310 
  • Evenly tensioned mesh for accurate analysis 
  • Natural fillet for free flow of sample with complete seal to eliminate loss of material 
  • Wide range of diameters and apertures sizes to suit most industry applications 
  • Certificate of Compliance supplied with every test sieve 
  • Traceable serial number 
  • Rolled edges and smooth surfaces for safe handling

Manufactured to exceptional standards of quality 
FLSmidth maintains substantial stocks of our own privately labelled Essa® test sieves in a range of common diameters: 100 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm and 450 mm. These sieves are renowned for quality, durability and precision. 
These certified test sieves are manufactured to internationally-recognised quality assurance standards. They are supplied with a Certificate of Compliance and individually serial numbered to provide full traceability. 
The wire cloth is checked at every stage of manufacture with optical measuring instruments. The final inspection is a precision measurement of apertures and sieve frame dimensions. 

Essa® Test Sieves are certified for compliance to ISO 3310. 

Superior attributes for consistent results 
FLSmidth specialises in sieves of stainless steel frame and mesh construction that are inherently more robust, durable and corrosion resistant than traditional brass sieves.
Screens are constructed of strong stainless steel wire mesh or square hole perforated plate. 

An ergonomic design with a large radius, sturdy rim and smooth edging allows for easy handling and greater output. There are no crevices, so no material is lost or trapped during sieving. The natural fillet allows the sample to flow freely onto wire mesh or perforated plate.


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