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Sieve Master 200A

Automated Particle Size Measurement System

The IMP Sieve Master 200A is the economical solution to sample particle size analysis. The system has a 6 position infeed magazine which allows unattended processing of these samples and, therefore, reduces the resources required for manual particle grading. The system minimises the risk of operator error, and frees up valuable time that the operator can use to perform other tasks.

Standalone PC or integrated PLC controls are available, with the machine being easily incorporated as part of IMP's larger automated robotic systems.

Benefits and features:

  • The system is able to process up to 6 samples automatically, one after the other with no operator intervention required.
  • Uses either full or half-height 200 mm or 8” round test sieves, which can be easily inserted and changed to suit specific test requirements. 
  • It shakes and taps for a pre-set amount of time, using the same stroke and frequency as RoTap manual shakers. 
  • Unlike the RoTap shakers, the sieve stack does not have to be loaded and unloaded by the operator for each sample. 
  • Additionally, the initial sample and the resulting fractions are weighed and recorded automatically which eliminates operator error.
  • Each fraction is collected in a tray, which rests on a digital electronic balance. 
  • Each sieve is then brushed and tapped to remove any trapped particles prior to the material being weighed. 
  • Data is instantly recorded for all fractions for easy reporting of material sizing.

The Sieve Master 200A brushes the sieves evenly and consistently during the cleaning cycle. This improves repeatability as it avoids damage to the sieves. Since all data is transferred electronically, there are no risks of transcription or calculation errors.

The system can either weigh each fraction in a continuous fashion, or each fraction can be removed by the operator. Before sieving begins, the operator merely sets the system up to save each fraction. This will result in the sieve unloading to pause between each fraction to allow the operator to remove the portion for further processing. When the portion has been removed, the Sieve Master will continue on with unloading the next fraction.

More than ten years of experience has demonstrated that the Sieve Master provides consistent, reliable performance with extremely low maintenance. When maintenance is required, all components are easily accessed and serviced.

Dimensions (WxHxD): 750 x 1800 x 1350 mm
Mass: 385 kg
Power requirements: 220 V, 1 Phase, 50 Hz
Air requirements: 5 - 6 bar
Power consumption: 0.82 kW maximum
Sieves: 10 x 200 mm half height sieves including pan




Sieve Master 200A

Sieve Master 200A.pdf

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