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Particle Size Measurement » Sieves and Screens » Sieve Master Airjet SM A 200

Sieve Master Airjet SM A 200

The IMP SM-A 200 is intended for the requirements of modern laboratories in respect of quick, exact and reproducible grain-size analysis of all dry materials by sieving.

The range of analysis covers grain sizes of approximately 20 to 4000 µm, the sampling quantity amounts to approximately 200 g depending on the density of the material. Due to a specially developed pre-warming of the airjet it is also possible to use the SM-A 200 for hygroscopic materials.

The airjet which is responsible for the extremely good dispersion is generated by a vacuum cleaner and then conducted through a rotating slot nozzle positioned beneath the screening area. In order to reduce the screening period and to achieve a more exact screening, the machine is fitted with a newly developed form of slot nozzle. Through the screen apertures the finest particles are drawn into the vacuum cleaners container where they are collected. The necessary vacuum may be finely adjusted and is shown on a digital display. The latter also applies to the screening period.

Due to its ergonomically designed stainless-steel housing, the SM-A 200 is suitable for applications in even the roughest conditions. A wear-resistant and simple interface makes the operation of the SM-A 200 quick and easy.

The following options are available for the SM-A 200:

  • Device for pre-warming the air
  • Cyclone to remove the particles before the vacuum cleaner
  • Ionisation device for the reduction of electrostatic between particles
  • Conversion kit to use 400 mm diameter test sieves


Dimensions (WxHxD): 326 x 270 x 425 mm
Weight: 17.5 kg
Test sieve diameter: 200 mm
Test sieve opening size: 20 - 4000 µm
Electrical requirements: 230 V, 1 Phase, 50 Hz



Sieve Master Airjet SM A 200

Sieve Master Airjet SM A 200.pdf

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