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Automated Copper Determination: Sample Preparation and Analysis


IMP has come a long way in perfecting the automation of wet chemistry and the fully automated copper determination system is a prime example of how flexible robot automation can provide the perfect solution. The modular design of the system allows for fully automatic weighing, dispensing of reagents and harsh acids such as HF, hotplate and ambient temperature digestion, cooling, washing with DI water, diluting to volume, mixing and presenting a solution to an integrated AAS. In addition, the system cleans flasks automatically, ready for re-use. This innovative automated system prepare and analyse samples for total copper, acid soluble copper as well as performing a QLT (quick leach test) which is a simulation of the heap leaching actually performed to recover the Cu.


The automated Cu wet chemistry system includes ROBIN (a central supervisory system developed by IMP) which allows for integrated quality control, fault tolerant error recovery, transaction logging, remote web supervision and transmitting results to a database where data can be validated and released for reporting by a LIMS system.


The automation of this process as well as other wet chemistry methods would provide benefits to precision and accuracy, traceability of samples, improved efficiencies, improved security level to employees and allow optimal safety for laboratory personnel. 


Automated Copper Determination: Sample Preparation and Analysis

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