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Dust Control


IMP has the capability and experience to provide complete and innovative laboratory services and utilities design on a turnkey basis, especially with regards to the design and construction of complete dust management systems. This includes dust extraction and collection systems for all aspects of air pollution control and air quality management.


We not only offer high capacity inbuilt systems for large facilities, but also smaller portable vacuum units for all your fugitive dust control needs. All of our designs are based on the knowledge we have accumulated from working on manual and fully automated laboratories and other facilities across the globe over the last few decades.


IMP consults on dust management systems with our clients for implementation on new laboratory projects as well as for feasibility designs or existing laboratory upgrades/improvement projects.


A few of the design capabilities IMP can provide in regards to dust management are as follows:

  • Portable or inbuilt systems
  • Detailed design calculations.
  • Detailed construction drawings of ducting and piping networks.
  • ISO piping diagrams.
  • Extraction system duct balancing calculations and consulting.
  • 3D duct models.
  • Integration of extraction systems with the laboratory’s overall HVAC system.
  • Review and advising clients on their existing laboratory utilities design.
  • Waste removal systems design, including but not limited to:
    • Conveyor belt that transports waste to an open or enclosed bunker
    • Removable skip bins
    • Return of waste back to the plant
    • Accumulation of waste in bulker bags
    • Accumulation of waste in a 55 gallon drum carousel

For further information on waste removal options click here.



Dust Control

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