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Projects » Automation Projects » Gold » Accurassay Automated Crushing System in Canada

Accurassay Automated Crushing System in Canada


IMP Automation Canada has completed commissioning on an automated crushing system for geochemical and mining samples in Thunder Bay for Accurassay Laboratories. It is capable of processing 1200 samples per day.


This system incorporates the use of conveyors and robotic grippers along with PLC controllers on each module and a SCADA computer system complete with RFID chip technology for sample identification. This state-of-the-art technology, designed by IMP Automation and engineered by Herzog Maschinenfabrik, includes the automated input of 15kg geochemical samples with barcode identification, transfer of the samples to one of four HP-WCSA Crusher Splitter modules for nominally -2mm sample particle size reduction. A 500g – 1200g split of the crushed material is sent to the output cup conveyor for delivery to automated pulverizing units. The remaining crushed sample is returned to the operator in a 15 litre bucket for storage and archiving.


This system includes a bucket input station and a separate bucket output station that allows for the loading and unloading of up to a 40 sample buffer, which provides enough volume to have continuous delivery of crushed samples using only two people per shift to operate.


The 1200 sample per day automated crushing system for Accurassay is the first of its kind in Canada and will lead the way in introducing a new standard for quality, productivity and safety within the sample preparation area of mining and mineral laboratories.


Leading Technology by IMP Automation Canada Ltd.



Accurassay Automated Crushing System in Canada

Accurassay Automated Crushing System in Canada.pdf

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