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IMP Automation joins FLSmidth



Projects » Automation Projects » Iron Ore » Atlas Iron

Atlas Iron

Scope of Supply: Fully automated sample preparation and analysis facility for initially 800 samples per day with the capability to increase the processing capacity to 1000 samples per day. The automated system will process a mix of geochemical mining & pit control samples, metallurgical control samples & a dedicated line to process near mine geochemical exploration samples which is unique to this particular laboratory.


System Description: Dry samples of up to 15kg are entered into the system via a bar coded sample input. These are then crushed to nominally 2.5mm, and then split to ~800g before being pulverising to 90% passing 106µm. Pulverised samples are dosed into a vial as part of the analysis which includes 4 point LOI and the fusion of glass beads for XRF elemental determination. Once the samples have entered the system, all of the processes described above are fully automated. Of special note in this system is the dedicated stand-alone combo crusher/splitter for near mine geochemical exploration samples. This allows for geochemical exploration samples to be entered separately into the system to prevent cross-contamination and sample mix-ups with the regular samples.


The facility will operate with minimal staff and routinely produce 800+ fusions per day. Having the Robo-Prep Automated Laboratory situated at the Mt. Webber mine site will provide Atlas Iron with expedited turnaround times for the Mining Control and Metallurgical Process Control data. Access to accurate rapid turnaround data provides Atlas management with information to make timely decisions on their product grade, production and beneficiation processes to enhance the quality and value of their final product.


As the laboratory is fully automated, human intervention errors commonly associated with manual or non-integrated geochemical laboratories are eliminated. The robotics carry out repetitive tasks with absolute precision, while the world leading “Herzog” sample preparation equipment automatically prepares the samples for analysis. Together with the industry leading “Panalytical” XRF instrumentation the Robo-Prep delivers the geochemical sample determination and quantification tools to provide Atlas with real time information for process control decision making.


Atlas Iron have selected “Intertek” to manage the Mt. Webber automated Robo-Prep site Laboratory facility as a third party independent operator. Intertek is one of the world’s leading global inspection & testing companies and owns geochemical laboratories including the “Genalysis” facility in Perth. Intertek is responsible for the day to day operation of the laboratory and will report the data to the Atlas team. Having the collective expertise in the Geochem Laboratory field as part of its core business, Intertek provides Atlas with the assurance of an independent operator with a global reputation for delivering quality and the provision of corporate governance deliverables. The industry leading, world class Mt Webber Robo-Lab will provide a significant contribution to the undoubted success of Atlas Iron. IMP is proud to be part of the project by way of delivering a “state of the art” fully integrated robotic analytical facility.


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