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Projects » Automation Projects » Platinum » Anglo American Research Laboratory South Africa

Anglo American Research Laboratory South Africa

Fully Automated Wet Chemistry NiS Button Dissolution System for Anglo American Research in South Africa.


IMP Automation with its partner Nucomat have been privileged to supply a fully automated wet chemistry NiS button dissolution system to Anglo American Research, at their metal accounting laboratory in Germiston South Africa.



Pulverized NiS button samples (obtained from the Fire Assay laboratory) containing PGE’s are manually placed into the system via an access controlled drawer. From this point onward the samples are prepared for ICP-OES analysis without the need for manual intervention as the process is fully automated.



Samples are registered by an automatic barcode scanner before a specified amount of sample is dosed into a flask and various acids are dispensed by means of peristaltic pumps that are gravimetrical control. Samples are subsequently leached on a hotplate, filtered and the precipitate is treated with acid and digested before an internal standard is added (volumetrically and gravimetrically controlled). The solutions are made up by mass, stirred to obtain a homogeneous solution and then transferred to test tubes where they will be collected for ICP-OES analysis.


The system also performs the addition of magnetic stirrer bars and their recovery as well as washing the used flasks to be re-used.


All samples are electronically tracked and controlled by ROBIN (a central supervisory software system) from registration to final result being transmitted to a database, where data is validated and released for reporting by a LIMS system.


The system is a complete closed system fitted out with protection screens and secured doors and drawers. The system also has its own aspiration with a warning system, enforcing optimal safety for lab personnel.


The system will serve medium grade PGE samples and function at a projected rate of approximately 140 samples/day.


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