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Sample Dividing and Splitting » RSD Rotary sample dividers » Essa RSD Series Rotary Sample Dividers Bucket Type

Essa RSD Series Rotary Sample Dividers Bucket Type

An invaluable tool in sample reduction. They divide laboratory samples accurately into equal, representative samples according to industry standard with ease and efficiency.

• Mobile: apart from the bench-mounted 5 L RSD, the units stand on the floor on castor wheels. This means they can be be relocated with relative ease when not in use. 
• Accurate representative samples: the RSDs are designed to allow for the minimum rotations required for precise sampling. This means you will be able to achieve the required accuracy for quality sampling with confidence. 
• Consistency: the unit’s vibratory feeder delivers samples at a highly consistent rate. This improves the representability of the sample. 
• Whole sample in use: the unit samples the entire sample, which can reduce labour costs significantly in clean-up compared with a cone and quartering method. 
• Variable: the units are designed to handle various volumes of mineral ores, with a range of hopper sizes from 5 L through to 60 L. Sample buckets also come in a range of volumes with different cut sizes available to meet different sampling requirements.

For user-friendly and accurate sampling 
The Essa Rotary Sample Dividers are used throughout the sample preparation process. Their design has been proven in the market over the past 25 years. The units are used in a variety of laboratory applications including mineral sub-sampling and geochemical sample splits. They can also be utilised in research laboratories, industrial applications and for shipment samples. 
The Essa units provide consistent, mechanically-correct sampling. They cut even representations of larger samples according to industry standard sampling guidelines. This is achieved by feeding the entire sample at a controlled rate as a falling stream. The machine then divides this sample into equal segments by the action of a “circle” of segmental buckets being rotated beneath the stream. The Bucket Type RSD units are available in a large range of sizes, making them an adaptable asset to any laboratory.

Ergonomic, hard wearing design 
The rotary sample dividers (except the 5 L bench-top model) are set on wheels with lockable castors. This allows the units to be easily mobile, and can simply be wheeled to another location. In a busy laboratory, this ergonomic feature can increase productivity and reduce injuries. The stainless steel hopper and feed buckets are hard-wearing and prevent subsequent contamination of sampling. The circular-rotating bucket segments are driven by an electric motor, with an easy-to-use control box. The buckets can also be free wheeled by hand. A safety switch prevents the unit from operating while the lid is open.

Quality sampling produced efficiently 
The units are designed to meet industry standards for producing precise fit-for-purpose samples. The divider’s electromagnetic, variable-rate, vibratory feeder can deliver accurate representative sampling at the required rate to ensure the minimum number of cuts are achieved. This means a higher volume of consistent samples can be produced, with a higher probability of unbiased sampling. In this process the entire sample is split, which can reduce labour costs in clean-up. 

Adaptable to your needs 
The rotary sample divider bucket type range is appropriate for a wide range of laboratory applications. The hopper sizes range from 5 L through to 60 L, which allows you to cater to different quantities requiring sampling. This is complemented by a wide range of sample bucket sizes, to take various percentages of the sample according to your requirements. Typical bucket set options range from four buckets (25% cut per bucket) up to twelve buckets (8.3% cut).


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