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Sample Dividing and Splitting » RSD Rotary sample dividers » Essa RSDR Series Rotary Sample Dividers Residue Type

Essa RSDR Series Rotary Sample Dividers Residue Type

Residue type Essa® Rotary Sample Dividers (RSDR) produce representative samples for laboratories to industry-standard. These efficient devices with a residual discharge system can be applied to a multitude of industries.

• Variability: the needs of a large range of applications can be met. The hoppers are provided in a series of sizes from 10 L through to 60 L. Sample buckets come in sizes from 5% to 25% to meet most sizes and cuts required. 
• Accuracy: the unit is designed to allow the minimum rotations required to draw accurate representative sampling according to industry standards. The vibratory feeder delivers the sample at a constant rate, improving quality of sub-sampling. 
• Reduces handling and increases output: the residual unit stands either over a container or a conveyor, which allows excess material to be diverted. This can increase production and minimise handling. From one to twelve buckets can be used, designed to varying percentages. 
• Clean, safe and easy to use: rotating buckets are protected by a cover, to ensure dust is kept to a minimum and to provide a safe working environment for the operator. The safety switch stops the unit if the cover is lifted while the machine is running. 

A quality machine, which adapts to your needs
The sample divider is ergonomically designed with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel hopper, buckets and reject chute. Hopper sizes vary from 10 L to 60 L, designed to handle a range of volumes of sample. Sample buckets come in a convenient range of sizes. Standard bucket cut designs of 5%, 10%, 12.5%, 15%, 20% and 25% are available. This allows various percentages of the sample to be taken, according to your requirements. With the feed weight known, a final weight should be reproducible. If two or up to twelve separate cuts are required, more buckets can be added to take these extra cuts. 

Output to industry standard quality 
Highly accurate fit-for-purpose subsamples which meet internationally recognised sampling protocols can be obtained from this range of machines. The unit must complete the minimum rotations necessary to provide accurate sampling. Covers on rotating buckets keep dust to a minimum, reducing sample loss or cross contamination, therefore increasing confidence in the sample(s) taken.

Increases productivity 
Use of the residue model can increase productivity in laboratories. The unit can be stood over either a container or a reject conveyor. A conveyor allows excess material to be diverted without the need for handling. The RSDR has been adapted for use in automated installations in a number of operating environments. The compartmental use of a singular or multiple bucket reduces load time between samples, so a larger volume of samples can be confidently sub-sampled in less time.

A highly productive and accurate machine for unbiased sampling 
The Essa residue type rotary sample dividers are a range of machines designed to deliver representative laboratory sub-samples according to industry standards for a wide range of applications. Their design allows residual material to flow directly into a discharge system, for minimal handling. The Essa RSDR devices have been in use in laboratories since the 1980s. They are effective in mineral and geochemical laboratories. They can also be used in research laboratories, as well as in a range of industries, including port sampling. 

The sample is fed from the hopper at a controlled rate to create a falling stream through which a bucket equal to the required percentage to be retained is rotated. A different sized bucket can be fitted to vary the percentage captured. As well, multiple buckets can be fitted to capture more than one sample. The remainder of the feed passes through to a removable residue container or can be conveyed away as waste. The Residue Type RSDR units are very adaptable to a wide range of uses, and their ability to be automated is a stand-out feature for many industries.


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