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Sample Preparation » Auto Drill Master

Auto Drill Master

The IMP Auto Drill Master safely and quickly produces representative granules from nickel, or other non-ferrous samples by drilling a hole through the centre of each sample.


The machine is intelligently designed and simple to use. An operator simply inserts up to 100 samples into a holding hopper and presses start on the touch screen operator panel.


The rest of the process is fully automated.


The samples are automatically fed one at a time by a vibration feeder into the drilling compartment where a single hole is drilled through each. Fine granules from the drilling process are collected in an easily accessible compartment while the drilled samples are retained in a separate accessible compartment.


A “pecking” action is used to drill through the samples as this prolongs the life of the drill bit, and helps to produce finer granules for analysis. On completion of the cycle, an audible and visible alarm alerts the operator that the process is complete. The operator can then collect the fine, representative granules in one compartment, and the drilled samples in a separate compartment.


As the entire process is fully automated, the operator is freed up to carry out other tasks while a representative sample is being produced. This machine is significantly safer to use than traditional methods of preparing these types of samples. It is fast and produces representative samples for accurate and precise analysis.


Drilling parameters can be pre-set and stored in the machine to cater for different sample types if required. All parameters such as number of pecks, depth of pecks, drilling speed, etc. can be pre-set in the drilling program for each sample type.


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