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Sample Preparation » Crushing » CM 20i Jaw Crusher and Splitter

CM 20i Jaw Crusher and Splitter

The CM 20i consists of a CM 20 jaw crusher with a built in linear splitter and cup lift. The machine is designed so that an operator can load samples at an ergonomic height and can remove the split portion without the need to bend.


The split portion is conveniently placed in a steel cup ready for pulverizing or other processing. Waste is automatically removed via a conveyor from the base of the crusher, or it is collected in a steel waste storage bucket.


The crusher is used in conjunction with an external balance. Samples are weighed on the external balance before being placed in the crusher. The weight is used to automatically adjust the splitter such that the desired mass is achieved after splitting.


Adjustment of the discharge opening is on the side of the machine from 0 mm to 28 mm, and the novel front door allows for easy cleaning and inspection of the jaws. Crushing from 110 mm in diameter to -2 mm is possible.


These units are particularly suitable for processing stone, minerals, ores, glass, ceramics, construction materials, brittle metal alloys, slag, synthetic resins and many other hard and brittle substances.


The CM range of jaw crushers have the following beneficial features which make them unique in the marketplace:

  • The fixed jaw is designed as the door to the crushing chamber, so it can be opened quickly without tools, either for inspection or cleaning.
  • Reduction ratios of over 1:100 are achievable, with 85% passing -2mm, depending on the product type.
  • The crusher gap is infinitely adjustable without needing to isolate the machine, and is easily read off the scale on the housing.
  • The crusher jaws can be rotated 180 degrees as they wear, thereby effectively doubling their service life.
  • All models except the CM 30 feature sealed bearings which never require lubrication.
  • Crusher jaws are available in high-carbon steel (default option), tungsten carbide, zirconium oxide or stainless steel.


Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 892 x 1023 x 1464 mm

Capacity: 250 - 2000 kg/h

Material feed size: <110 mm (<90 mm in continuous feed applications)

Discharge gap width: 0 - 28 mm

Motor power: 7.5 kW

Voltage: 400 V, 3/N/PE, 50 Hz

Weight: 1000 kg




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