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Sample Preparation » Crushing » HP CS Automated Mortar Crusher splitter

HP CS Automated Mortar Crusher splitter



The HP-CS is the effective solution for the crushing and splitting of coarse ores, minerals and similar materials.

Efficient procedures
The sample is introduced automatically or manually into the input hopper on top of the machine and is transported by means of an internal vibration feeder to the inlet of the integrated mortar crusher to reduce the particles to a size of approximately 1 mm. After passing the crusher the material falls by gravity into the swivel tube splitter with the splitting ratio able to be preselected.  When the processing cycle has been completed, the sample is presented at the outlet position in a sample cup.


Wide scale of splitting volumes

The maximum size of input material is 20 mm and the maximum weight is 20 kg. The splitting ratio is manually adjustable from 1:1 to 1:20.

SPS control

The sequences of the HP-CS are programmable by the PLC:


  • Transport of the sample to the crusher
  • Crushing of the sample
  • Splitting of the sample 

Up to 5 programs are available. The parameters for each program can be set at the control panel.

High quality, easy maintenance

With its comprehensive and complete design, the IMP HP-CS guarantees precise, reproducible analytical results. All modules are integrated into the machine housing and are easily accessible via lockable doors.

The machine consists of the following components:


  • Totally enclosed housing
  • Integrated switch cabinet
  • Control panel with integrated PLC
  • Manual sample inlet
  • Vibration feeder for the transport of the sample from the inlet position to the crusher
  • Mortar crusher with steel jaws
  • Swivel tube splitter
  • Cup for finished sample




HP CS Automated Mortar Crusher splitter

HP CS Automated Mortar Crusher splitter.pdf

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