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Sample Preparation » Fusion » Bead One R

Bead One R

Herzog Bead One R - The Standard in Sample Preparation for XRF Fusion

The Herzog Bead One R combines highly repeatable and accurate analysis results with easy-to-use interfaces and maximum safety measures. Precisely controlled temperature and fusion parameters as well as the optional automatic magazine makes the Bead One R the future-proof instrument for your analytical excellence.

Analytical Flexibility
The Bead One R prepares glass beads for XRF analysis, borate or peroxide solutions for AA and ICP analysis. The fusion process can be controlled by the parameters of temperature, duration, heating rate and crucible rocking speed. After the fusion process, the material can be either discharged into the casting dish or remain in the crucible until solid. Alternatively, the melt can be poured into acid solution cup, which is positioned on a magnetic stirring device.

The Bead One R is able to perform different sample preparation processes in an inert gas or oxygen atmosphere.

At a Glance

  • Benchtop fusion instrument (resistance heating technology) for preparation of glass disks for XRF as well as borate and peroxide solutions for AA and ICP analysis.
  • Highly accurate and precise analysis results for a wide range of different applications.
  • High-quality furnace (max. operating temperature 1350°C) with optimized design and high-precision control for excellent fusion conditions.
  • Optional magazine for automatic and completely unmanned processing of up to nine samples which allows the operators free time to focus on other tasks.
  • Safety measures including safety door locking and cold to cold operation for the Bead One R and the magazine.


Bead One R

Bead One R Brochure.pdf

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