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Sample Preparation » Milling » HS F 3000 milling machine for iron and steel samples

HS F 3000 milling machine for iron and steel samples

The HS-F 3000 is a 3-axis milling machine designed for automatic, analysis-ready preparation of iron and steel samples.


The automatic processing cycle ensures extremely fast and reproducible results. Milling parameters are optimally adjustable to material grades and combined with a variety of application matched tools to ensure the maximum degree of flexibility.


The HS-F 3000 is sealed against dust and is also sound-insulated. Safety circuits guarantee protection for the operating personnel. The machine is easy to set-up and use with the intuitive touch screen interface panel. The integrated Simatic S7 PLC controller guarantees error-free automatic processing of the widest possible variety of samples. Up to 18 programs defined by parameters, can be saved and protected by a password.


The precision milling spindle can be fitted with milling cutters for a wide variety of steel grades. The automated tool changing system allows the machine to switch between up to six different tools without the need for operator intervention. The extremely sturdy spindle bearings allow safe, sustained processing of the hardest material grades. Tool life times are monitored. Tool change and maintenance intervals are displayed on the machine control panel.


The third axis is used to achieve the best sample surface and for the deburring of oval, square, round and double thickness samples. The swarf and cuttings are collected in a removable collection tray, or they can be removed automatically via a waste extraction tube.


Fully automatic processing steps

  • Sample introduction by operator or automatic feeding system
  • Automatic selection of the milling cutter
  • Sample milling
  • Automatic deburring of the different sample shapes
  • Sample cooling by compressed air
  • Sample output
  • Multiple milling heads can be used during one program
  • Optional collection of milling chips for the purpose of gas analysis

The machine has been designed to enable easy integration into robot-based automation systems as well as into standard linear systems. The focus of the development engineering of the HS-F 3000 sample milling machine was on the mechanical connections and electronic interfaces. Extremely short processing times and smooth, coordinated operating sequences round off the automation concept.



Video Preview

HS F 3000 milling machine for iron and steel samples


HS F 3000 milling machine for iron and steel samples


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