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Sample Preparation » Pulverizing » Essa Pulverising Mill Bowls

Essa Pulverising Mill Bowls

Essa® Pulverising Mill Bowls are a high-production, high-capacity bowl – 50 to 5000 cc nominal capacity – that are a world-leading unique range and proven performer for over 30 years.

• Proven performer: we are world leaders, with our bowls being used by most commercial assay laboratories and many leading global exploration and mining companies. 
• Reduced operating costs: global availability and consistent supply due to our large-scale manufacturing process and efficient distribution network mean cost benefits for you. 
• Improved sample quality: a certified laboratory tests every batch of steel used in our manufacturing process, minimising the risk of unexpected contamination and improving the certainty of final analysis. 
• Full traceability: every bowl and grinding element is stamped with a serial number that cross-references to a 34-element steel analysis report. 
• Longer bowl life: all bowls are through-hardened to prolong operational life and to reduce sample contamination. 
• Guarantee of performance: FLSmidth’s bowl warranty policy provides a pro rata credit for any premature bowl failure. 
• Versatility: using a standard low cost spacer ring allows bowls from 50 cc to 2000 cc capacity to be used in a Essa LM2 and LM201 Pulverising Mills. 
• Reduced safety risks: heavier bowls and grinding elements are compatible with simple pneumatically actuated lifting devices (Millmates). This reduces the manual effort required when moving them between the mill and workstation. 

The preferred bowl of choice across the world 
The Essa Pulverising Mill Bowl range has the ‘bowl and disc’ style grinding head forming its core, and is the preferred bowl of choice in most of the world’s leading commercial assay laboratories. These bowls are available in 800, 1000, 2000 and 5000 cc nominal capacities and are of through-hardened steel construction for guaranteed optimum life. 
Essa ‘ring and roller’ style bowls, also of through-hardened steel construction, are available in 50, 100, 125, 300 and 400 cc nominal capacities, with tungsten carbide available in the 125 cc size. 
These styles of pulverising mill bowls are the most frequently used because of high sample throughput, a comprehensive range of available bowl sizes, narrow particle size distribution of the pulverised material and ease of cleaning.

Efficient design 
We offer ‘bowl and disc’ type bowls where rapid reduction of large sample masses, together with an homogenising action, provide improved sample quality and increased productivity. There are fewer moving parts and therefore fewer pieces to clean because of the incorporation of a single grinding element. The ‘ring and roller’ bowls are traditional-style bowls which are easy to handle and suit smaller sample masses where a very fine product is required. 
Our bowl range is fully compatible with all FLSmidth-manufactured Essa Pulverising Mills. The proven quality of our bowls is reflected in our warranty and quality assurance programme to ensure our customers can rely on our grinding bowl performance.

Unbeatable performance 
The large-capacity ‘bowl and disc’ bowls typically have the ability (when used on an Essa Pulverising Mill) to reduce ores, minerals, metallurgical samples, ceramics, soils, aggregates, chemicals and similar particulates to a nominal 0.075 mm product in approximately three to five minutes. Correct preparation is critical to obtaining meaningful analytical data. Our large capacity bowls allow for the production of a suitably-blended sub-sample for accurate analysis. 

The ‘ring and roller’ range typically is capable of producing an even finer product in approximately one to three minutes. The usable capacity of each bowl will generally be 60% to 80% of its nominal capacity.
The performance expectation of all bowls is subject to the physical characteristics of the sample being milled and the final particle sizing required. 

Improved certainty of final analysis 
All devices used in the crushing and pulverising of geological samples can impart trace levels of contaminants to the samples for analysis. Essa Pulverising Bowls are supplied in two steel types: Standard Steel and Chrome Steel. Chrome Steel generally has better wear properties whereas Standard Steel is a low chrome steel used when chromium contamination may be an issue. 
Standard Steel is often the preferred material of choice for pulverising vessels in commercial laboratory operations as the chrome and iron contamination is usually negligible compared to the levels commonly encountered in most geological materials. 
Every batch of steel used in our manufacturing process is tested by a certified laboratory to minimise the risk of unexpected contamination and to improve the certainty of final analysis. 

Steel bowls: typical analysis 
Grinding Bowls and elements are manufactured from steel having the following maximum levels of minor and trace elements.
Every batch of steel used in the manufacturing process of mill bowls and grinding elements is tested by a certified laboratory. The serial number, stamped onto each bowl and grinding element, cross-references to an analytical report.


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