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Sample Transport » Monorail Sample Transport System

Monorail Sample Transport System


IMP has developed and supplied the first of its kind automated monorail bulk material transport system, which is both reliable and cost effective.


The system is very similar to the technology that has been used in foundries for years, and it greatly simplifies the transport of large samples from the sampling point to the laboratory. Samples of around 30 kg are regularly taken during loading, and are diverted into the monorail transport cart. The sample is automatically unloaded at the destination before it returns to receive further samples.


The long track distance and non-linear nature means that a trailing power cable is not practical. The cart is thus self-propelled using a friction drive system powered from an internal track which allows for speeds of up to 1 m/s. A low system cross-section and straightforward construction means that the monorail sample transport can be a simple expansion for existing projects. It is also available with a chain hoist which can move the bin several metres vertically before continuing on horizontally.


The monorail has been in service since late 2013 in the harsh conditions of remote Western Australia at the Port Hedland ore loading dock. It has since proven its reliability in this demanding situation, and additional systems will be taken into operation in 2015 at Roy Hill's new iron ore mine.


Technical Specifications
Bin volume: 10 - 100 L
Speed: 1 m/s
Range: 5 - 200 m
Lifting height: 1 - 8 m




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