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Sampling » Powder Sampling » Integrated Powder Sampling Systems

Integrated Powder Sampling Systems


IMP has a complete range of samplers for sampling powders including hot powders. These include screw samplers, piston samplers, slot samplers, swivel samplers etc. From these samplers, the sample needs to be collected and in some cases re-split in order to secure a representative sample that can be transported to the sample preparation and analytical instruments.


IMP also provides solutions to transport the samples to a containerised laboratory or a central laboratory via a pneumatic air tube system. Inside the laboratory, IMP can provide the equipment to automatically carry out particle size analysis, C and S analysis, XRF or XRD analysis, TGA and any other related instrumental analysis specific to the sample type.


These sampling facilities are designed to run largely unattended and complement the IMP range of online analysers such as online XRF, XRD, particle size and Neutron Activation systems.


The picture shows a sampling station near the SAG mill. At this sampling point the automatic sampler collects a number of sub-samples from the process. Within the sampling station these sub-lots are combined into a composite, homogenised and sub-divided into an analytical portion which is automatically loaded into a capsule and transported to the laboratory via pneumatic air tube.


The pneumatic transport system delivers the sample capsule into the receiving station connected to a mill press and XRD. The entire process from sampling to analysis is fully automated and operates largely unattended with analytical results being transmitted to the plant automatically.


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