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IMP Automation joins FLSmidth




Herzog Platinum Labware


Automated fusion machines such as the HAG fusion machines produce high volumes of fused samples per day. These high throughput machines are pushing the boundaries for standard platinum gold crucibles and casting dishes. This situation is further exacerbated when the platinum is simply remelted rather than replaced with virgin material. Each time the platinum is recycled by remelting the alloy, more and more contaminants and "platinum poisons" are collected in the alloy reducing the next life cycle.

The favourable wetting characteristics of 95%Pt 5%Au has made this the alloy of choice for use with borate fluxes for XRF analytical techniques.

The Zr stabilized 95%Pt 5%Au alloy offered by IMP combines the well known advantages of the 95%Pt 5%Au alloy with significantly improved mechanical strength at high temperatures, significantly improved creep resistance and resistance to corrosion at high temperature by "platinum poisons". The fine Zr stabilised grain structure is maintained even during exposure to high temperatures and grain growth from constant heating and cooling is dramatically reduced. The stable fine grain size reduces the tendency for the casting dishes to warp, and as every XRF spectroscopist knows, flat beads are critical for good analytical results. The increased strength of the alloy is particularly useful as the platinum is handled by the robot and a number of mechanical manipulators. 

When it is time to recycle your platinum ware, the Zr stabilised alloy cannot be simply remelted and remade. Each time the crucibles and casting dishes are recycled they have to manufactured from scratch from virgin material. This guarantees that the highest levels of quality is maintained.

The cost of the Zr stabilised platinum is more expensive than the non stabilised alloy especially when compared to re-melt recycling practices. The fact that the Zr stabilised crucibles and casting dishes last up to three times longer and keeps the moulds flat for longer,  improving quality presents a solid financial case to change to 95%Pt 5%Au Zr stabilised alloy.

IMP also offers the standard 95%Pt 5%Au crucibles and casting dishes as an alternative for low throughput users. As with the Zr stabilized product, IMP recommends that fresh contaminant free materials be provided each time rather than to remelt. IMP provides a certificate with each set confirming that the platinum ware was produced from scratch using pure refined metals.

Finally for those customers on a tight budget we can offer a remelt and remake service for the 95%Tp 5%Au product.


Part No:


Pl95% Au5%



40mm Mould Pt95% Au5%


32mm Mould Pt95% Au5%


Crucible Pt95% Au5%

Pl95% Au5% Zr stabilized


40mm Mould Pt95% Au5% Zr stabilized


32mm Mould Pt95% Au5% Zr stabilized


Crucible Pt95% Au5% Zr stabilized



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