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Steel Industry » Slag Sample Preparation » Slag Crushing » HP CA Automatic Crusher

HP CA Automatic Crusher

The HP-CA is a fully integrated and automated jaw breaker machine for the cost–effective crushing of a range of mineral types: silicates, clinkers, ceramic materials, ores, sinters, slags and other crushable, organic substances. 
The sample material is inserted in stainless-steel sample cups into a magazine which is all controlled by a central computer control system which monitors the entire process flow. The operation cycle is executed in accordance with the preselected processing parameters such as duration of crushing and cleaning time and is started by the same central computer control system. 
Following the crushing process, the precrushed sample material is poured back into the insertion cup and returned to the insertion position by the internal transport system where it is ready to be removed by hand, or more typically, moved to the next machine in the process.  
The HP-CA can easily be combined with other modular IMP machines such as feed and discharge magazines, automatic pulverizing mills (HP-M), automatic pellet presses (HP-P), automatic fusion machines (HAG-G), and even XRF machines for a completely automated sample processing system. 
After each crushing cycle the jaw-breaker is cleaned automatically by compressed air, with the resulting residual dust being removed by an external waste extraction facility. 
The HP-CA is controlled via a central computer control system which continually monitors the entire automated system and the various machines of which it is comprised.
The HP-CA automatic jaw breaker is fully enclosed and insulated against noise and requires a minimum of manual intervention and maintenance. Safety switches turn off the crusher automatically in the event of failure of the pneumatic system, or upon opening of any of the operator guards. Operating faults are displayed on the central computer which allows for quick diagnosis and correction. 
With its comprehensive and complete automation the IMP HP-CA automatic jaw breaker guarantees precise, reproducible analytical results time after time.
Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 850 x 900 x 1560 mm
Weight: 570 kg
Particle size: <30 mm
Attainable grain size: ~4 mm
Pressure setting: 6 bar
Power consumption: ~2.5 kVA
Voltage: 400 V, 3/N/PE, 50 Hz
For information on the standalone version of this machine, the HP-C, please click here.


HP CA Automatic Crusher


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