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At IMP we think differently, we challenge conventional sample processing techniques and we work with like-minded customers to engineer ground breaking innovative, automated sampling, sample preparation and analysis solutions. Using cutting edge technology, the best equipment available in the world, and collaboration with our customers, IMP consistently delivers products and systems that improve health and safety for laboratory personnel, improve precision and accuracy of results produced and improve laboratory efficiency. This passion for technology, innovation and change, together with forward thinking customers has made IMP world leaders in our field.

IMP's origins date back to 1987 when the group of companies was established. Since inception our passion has been to provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers. This has resulted in the company building a wealth of experience and expertise, as well as a portfolio of patents on technology developed as part of this process. IMP today has operations in South Africa, Australia, Canada, USA, Mongolia, Chile and Brazil, with more than 250 employees globally. The majority of IMP's staff are dedicated to the design, supply, installation, commissioning, operation, service and maintenance of automated laboratory facilities. This core group of innovators within the company includes a team of chemists, metallurgists, engineers, and highly skilled technicians. 

IMP has a strong strategic alliance with our major OEM supplier, Herzog Maschinenfabrik of Germany. Herzog employs more than 250 employees in Germany, Japan, China and the USA. Herzog has for more than 40 years supplied sample preparation equipment to the steel, cement, and mining industries. Since 1994, IMP has collaborated with Herzog to deliver more than 150 automated robotic laboratory solutions, initially in Southern Africa and more recently in the USA, Australia, Canada and Europe.

Just some of the milestones along the path towards global leadership include the following achievements:

  • IMP developed an automated filter press that opened the way to automated analysis of samples for concentrators.
  • IMP supplied the worlds first fully automated End to End system to automatically sample a slurry, automatically filter press the sample, automatically dry the sample, measure the particle size, mill press and analyse the samples on an XRF and return the results to the plant in under 20 minutes.
  • IMP developed a flux for fire assay applications that could fuse a sample in under 10 minutes. This is less than a 10th of the time required for conventional fire assay methods.
  • IMP developed and patented a method to automatically separate the lead from the slag in fire assay applications. This opened the door to automate the entire fire assay process.
  • IMP developed the worlds first fully automated End to End fire assay process.
  • The worlds first End to End automation system that automatically samples a slurry, filter press the slurry, automatically dry the sample, pulverizes the sample and perform complete fire assay returning the results of PGM's to the plant in under 50 minutes.
  • IMP developed and patented a sampler for sampling slag and matte samples in a converter.
  • IMP supplied the worlds first End to End automation system to sample a slag or matte in a converter with a 17 meter deep hearth, automatically remove the sample, transport the sample to a laboratory where the sample was crushed, milled, and analysed on an XRF with results returned to the plant in under 12 minutes.
  • IMP provided the largest laboratory End to End automation project for PGM analysis in the world for Anglo Platinum in South Africa (the facility is the size of a football pitch and uses 14 robots).The End to End automation includes sample drying, crushing, pulverizing, fire assay, density determination and base metal analysis.
  • The largest robotic End to End automated sample preparation and wet chemistry system in the world for Freeport-McMoran Gold and Copper (previously Phelps Dodge) in the USA.
  • The largest End to End fully automated iron ore laboratory in the world for BHPIO in Western Australia

We work in close cooperation with all major manufacturers of analytical equipment and system components for logistical interfacing. This ensures that systems are customised to optimally meet the specific needs and preferences of each customer. If you are looking for an automation partner, please contact us. We have successfully designed, installed and commissioned many automated laboratories and we would like to share our expertise to provide you with the best solutions for your business needs.